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Native Randomness

MEV Protection

IOTA EVM Smart Contracts

Unlocking Smart Contract Innovation with IOTA EVM

The first fully EVM-compatible smart contract chain on the IOTA network, IOTA EVM enables scalable, fast and secure smart contracts
Parallel Processing
Scalable and Composable
IOTA Chains multi-chain architecture allows builders to deploy across various chains, enabling parallel execution and facilitating horizontal scaling.
Native Randomness
Fair and Secure
IOTA Chains native randomness provides true randomness to any dApp on any chain anchored to IOTA. It comes at no extra cost, ensuring default fairness and security.
MEV Protection
Safe Against Exploitation
To protect against Maximal Extractable Value attacks, the IOTA Smart Contract chain natively randomizes transaction ordering, making it impossible to determine the content of a block in order to manipulate it.

Flexible and Expandable

IOTA Chains is built on a multi-VM architecture capable of supporting multiple execution engines in the future; currently, it supports EVM.

Magic Smart Contracts

Enable chains to interact and access functionalities beyond their standard capabilities for seamless L1-L2 asset transfers.

Transfer and Trade Seamlessly

Trade freely and safely: Convert smart contract tokens to native tokens effortlessly, and vice versa.

EVM Tooling

Fully compatible with EVM tooling like HardHat and MetaMask; upcoming libraries enable L1 interoperability features, such as automatic wrapping and bridging of ERC tokens.

Your Pathway into Web3

IOTA EVM can transform your Web3 experience. Here are just a few examples to inspire your next decentralized project.


By launching your DeFi app on IOTA EVM, you can offer services like decentralized trading, lending, or yield farming without worrying about high transaction fees or slow network speeds, lowering the barrier to entry for users around the world.


As a game developer, IOTA EVM’s Solidity compatibility lets you tokenize in-game assets, create complex game logic, and facilitate secure player interactions with scalable, low-cost transactions, enriching your Web3 gaming projects.


As an NFT creator, IOTA’s EVM gives you broad compatibility for enhanced accessibility, complex smart contracts for dynamic functionalities, and flexible standards that support diverse creations, boosting innovation and reach.


IOTA EVM offers your DAO customizable governance, enhanced scalability, reduced costs, and faster transactions, ensuring smoother operations and more accessible participation without compromising security or the decentralized ethos.

Cross-Chain Evolution

Enabling Seamless Transfer of Value and Data Across Chains

As the first application layer integrated with the IOTA network, IOTA EVM stands at the forefront of cross-chain technology. By leveraging IOTA’s fast, secure parallel processing, it fosters boundless community and economic growth. Meanwhile, its advanced EVM compatibility, native randomness beacon, and MEV protection are set to revolutionize cross-chain interactions, introducing innovative, user-friendly applications.

Bridge IOTA

Moving liquidity between IOTA EVM and other chains.

Reliably move assets between networks for a unified cross-chain experience.


A New Era of Tokenization

Battletested in a Production Environment for Over Six Months

Shimmer EVM - the staging environment for IOTA EVM - has undergone over six months’ rigorous battle-testing and processed over five million transactions. With constant feedback from our ecosystem of builders, researchers, and engineers, we’ve evolved our software to provide a best-in-class user experience. Now we’re set to take that experience and apply it to IOTA, elevating it with EVM compatibility and making it a leading tokenization platform.

Score in Security Audits by Zokyo
Network Up-time
01 Shimmer EVM Testnet
02 Shimmer EVM
03 Tooling Integration

Grants & Funding

Shape the future of dApps by applying for a grant with IOTA Grants.

We’re on the hunt for innovators ready to unleash the potential of IOTA EVM. Whether your passion lies in creating cutting-edge dApps or pioneering new blockchain solutions, our grants could help bring your project to life. With IOTA Grants by the IOTA Ecosystem DLT Foundation’s support, you have the resources to build on a scalable, fast, and secure platform. Apply now and start building the future with IOTA EVM.

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